Here are a few things (websites, books and articles) I would suggest every mathematics enthusiast to read, perhaps on different instances.

Due to strong personal convictions, I would like to emphasize that these are merely a few suggestions and no part of this webpage is meant to advertise any particular website, book or any other object.

Online resources

  1. Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) One of the best mathematics forums for discussion on high school mathematics including high school mathematics olympiads and also college level mathematics (I myself learned a big part of whatever mathematics I know today from this website by visiting the forums).
  2. Art of Problem Solving articles Some articles of interest to students of problem solving.
  3. Romanian Mathematical Magazine (RMM) It is a mathematical magazine which features selected articles, mathematics notes, problems and solutions sent by people from all across the globe. It is maintained by Daniel Sitaru and other editors of the RMM. The online version of it is free to access. 
  4. Fedya Petrov’s blog — A website on mathematical contents created and managed by my teacher Professor Fedor Petrov.
  5. The Fibonacci Quaterly A journal on various things related to the Fibonacci sequence and the Fibonacci numbers. 
  6. Mathematical drawings by MC Escher The official website of MC Escher which features several mathematical drawings. A wonderful website to visit if you are interested in mathematics and / or drawings. 
  7. Tanya Khovanova’s blog — A mathematics blog maintained by Tanya Khovanova.
  8. The Greek Mathematics (mathematica) forum A wonderful mathematics discussion forum (some problems are written in the Greek language but you can translate or probably take the help of some Greek friend if you have any). 
  9. Mathkalender website A website on mathematics at different levels of different syllabus. And they host a contest every Christmas featuring beautiful mathematics (and a nice story motivating the mathematical problem). 
  10. Chess Problems by Richard Stanley A collection of resources on chess puzzles maintained by Richard P. Stanley.  
  11. A list of mathematics websites maintained by AOPS — Woah ! I just saw it. Seems pretty good. I am happy that such a list exists. Authentic and validated. Visit the link for more details. 
  12. Yufei Zhao Notes Mathematical Olympiad training handouts by Yufei Zhao.
  13. Notes by Ben Green — Here you can find some lecture notes prepared and delivered by prof. Ben Green at Oxford. 
  14. Mathematical Excalibur — A magazine which mainly discusses on problem solving in mathematics usually at the Olympiad level.
  15. Crux Mathematicorum — The CRUX Mathematicorum is a mathematics magazine published by the Canadian Mathematical Society. 
  16. Grotex’s Hut — A mathematics blog maintained by my friend He Jiahao from People’s Republic of China. 
  17. Easy Beautiful Math — A beautiful mathematics group created and maintained by my friend and guide Lorian Saceanu. 
  18. Seoneo’s blog — A mathematics blog maintained by friend Seoneo from Korea.  
  19. Secrets in Inequalities Volume 1 book A wonderful book on mathematical inequalities (from the Mathematical Olympiad level).  
  20. MATHEMATICAL INEQUALITIES VOLUME 2 Vasile Cirtoaje — A more advanced book on mathematical inequalities featuring some strong inequality solving techniques. 
  21. Topics In Number Theory Visit here for the number theory book by Amir Hossein Parvardi (which is really a very good book) and here you can also enrol for his online classes on number theory. 
  22. Introduction To Numerical Analysis F.B Hildebrand A book on Numerical Analysis which I found quite interesting and easy to read. It starts with discussion on even the preliminary notions.
  23. An Introduction To Set Theory William A.R. Weiss A book on set theory featuring the axiomatic treatments of sets.
  24. Website of C J Quines Website maintained by friend Carl Joshua Quines.
  25. Harvey Mudd College Fun Mathematics — A website on fun facts in mathematics maintained by Harvey Mudd College. 
  26. Mathematics website of Mr. BQ Liu A mathematics website created and maintained by Mr. Bao Qian Liu. It is written in Chinese language but it is an excellent website and translators work pretty good.
  27. Collection of mathematical inequalities and solutions by Luofangxiang — A collection of solutions to mathematical inequality problems by my friend (and a guide too) Luo Fang Xiang. Here you’ll see some of the most elegant techniques to solve mathematical inequality problems. As rightly said his methods work like magic.
  28. Sketches of Topology A mathematics website on topology.
  29. 3Blue1Brown — A website dedicated to mathematics demonstrated through animation. Some concepts gets super simplified when you see the demonstrations. 
  30. Tolaso Mathematics — A mathematics website maintained by my friend Tolaso K. Jos.  Here you can also find a forum where some really good quality problems are discussed.
  31. Mathimatikoi Forum A mathematical discussion and problem solving forum.
  32. Elementary Geometry for College Students — A book on elementary geometry. It starts from a very basic level and moves to more advanced discussions.
  33. HBCSE Olympiad website The official website for all Olympiads organised in India.
  34. Another mathematics links collection Yet another collection on mathematical links (some of the links I previously mentioned were taken from here with no intention of double mentioning). It is maintained by a user at University of Crete, Greece.
  35. R for dummies — An interesting and easy to read type book for learning the basics of the programming language R starting right from the beginner level.
  36. Professionally formatted mathematical nonsense  This maybe helpful if someone needs lots of papers one day!
  37. Mathematical Homepages — A collection of links (mainly to homepages of some mathematicians) which was shared by Prof. W. T. Gowers on his homepage at Cambridge. 
  38. Gowers’ weblog — Weblog maintained by Prof. W. T. Gowers. Among the most informative weblog I have ever visited. If you are already acquainted with the works of Prof. W. Timothy Gowers, you will know that he is a brilliant mathematics demonstrator (and of course among the legendary mathematicians of the century). 
  39. What’s New — Weblog maintained by Prof. T. Tao. Alongside the weblog of Prof. W. T. Gowers this stands out as an exceptionally well written mathematics website. Perhaps my interest of maintaining a mathematics weblog developed from the inspiration I gained by reading some posts on this weblog. 
  40. Mathematical Omnibus: Thirty Lectures on Classic Mathematics — A book by Dmitry Fuchs and Serge Tabachnikov. 
  41. The Old Problem Seminar — The Old Problem Seminar website.
  42. A point of view — The website of my friend D. Grozev illustrates a lot of interesting things in mathematics. 

There are definitely many other mathematical (+fun) resources. So we will be updating this page regularly adding new links and better descriptions. 

Soon I will be uploading handouts prepared by me and / or my friends. 

Hope you enjoy reading them 🙂 .